Our 100% wholly owned and operated network and tier-1 transit peering provide us total control over network reliability and performance


Always-on service requires a solid and secure foundation. Our data centers are SAS70 II certified to meet regulatory requirements.

Our locations in New York (U.S. east 1), New Jersey (U.S. east 2), Chicago (U.S. central), San Jose (U.S. west), and London (Europe east) share a minimum set of technical specifications summarized below:

Fully Redundant Power

  • Centralized Uninterpretable Power
  • Regularly tested, on-site generator powers cooling and equipment loads
  • Direct to grid utility power

Physically Secure Facility

  • 24x7x365 on-site manned presence
  • Biometric access control with man trap
  • Video cameras though-out
  • On-site access requires sign-in/sign-out procedures

Fire Control Systems

  • VESDA (Very Early Warning Smoke Detection) throughout the data center
  • Zoned dry-piped re-action sprinkler system
  • Fire-suppression systems are continuously monitored

Environmental Control

  • N+1 CRAC
  • Humidification
  • Sensors and 24/7 monitoring