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Nuveum is a New York based provider of high performance data center and network services.

Since it's inception in 2005, the Nuveum team has served many clients in the financial, healthcare, internet, and technology sectors. However financial applications were our greatest interest.

We watched as the trading ecosystem became a low latency arms race, with the big guys overpowering the small guys so badly, it was fair to say the system was rigged. We wanted to level the playing field for smaller operators and individual traders. The result of this mission is Neutrino - a hosted workstation specially designed for the needs of low latency trading.

The Nuveum platform is the culmination of over 24 months of research and development, 12 months of field trials, and dozens of years of multidisciplinary technical expertise. Backing our efforts is the hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial research and development to produce technology without which building Nuveum would simply be impossible.

The design standards of Nuveum were rigorous from the beginning. We sought to design an infrastructure that:

  • Used the very best technologies available, with an eye on the future evolutionary path
  • Provides the greatest "bang for the buck", so we're able to provide clients excellent value
  • Engages the benefits of intelligent design and technical understanding to constrain costs
  • Offers a no compromises approach to performance in light of real business requirements
  • Avoids the proprietary "black box" cloud model we see so many others following
  • Avoid commodity and utility computing to deliver a genuine enterprise level high performance service

We help you trade more profitability

No serious trader can reach maximum profitability without Nuveum

Neutrino is like insurance. You buy it to have one less thing to worry about. Neutrino lets us focus our time on trading and not technology.

-Bob Wilson, Managing Partner - Greenwich Trading Strategies LLP

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