Frequently Asked Questions

Give me the Quick Overview
Neutrino quickly and easily levels the technological playing field with professional traders at an affordable cost even for the smallest home based trader.  Neutrino eliminates the technical problems and disadvantages so you can focus your entirety on improving your trading success and profitability.
How Does the Neutrino Help my Trading?
Neutrino increases application performance, trader productivity, and eliminates many sources of technical failure. Neutrino eliminates technical unknowns and variables so you can focus solely on trading. Whether your trading strategy is human interactice or software algorithm based, Neutrino provides many significant advantages that ultimately increase your bottom line profit. Whether your primary focus is on improving latency, convenience, productivity, or security, Neutrino satisfies those needs and more. Active and serious traders quickly realize that Neutrino pays for itself.
I Require Minimum Execution Latency. How does Neutrino Help?
Electronic markets move very fast. Often small fractions of a second matter to get in and out of a trade at the best price. Neutrino provides the technology required to minimize the time it takes to receive and send the information needed to execute a trade. Neutrino eliminates common technical problems plaguing smaller traders related to  desktop or laptop hardware, unreliable or jittery broadband connections, and common PC problems like viruses, software bloat, and basic challenges dealing with technology.
Won't Remotely Connecting to Neutrino Impact
Yes. The speed of modern networks and computers exceeds human reaction time by a factor of 10. In a practical sense you'll not see any performance reduction even when you trade interactively (as opposed to allowing a software to execute trades automatically based on preset triggers). The amount of data sent between your home/office PC and the MTW is negligible compared to the bulk of data feeds pouring into the MTW. It's simply a matter of maximizing the trade-off of multiple technical factors to your advantage. In the majority of possible scenarios, using an MTW will put you ahead.
I Trade Using Triggers based on News Events. Is this for Me?
Anyone using a data feed to power an automated trading strategy will greatly benefit from the MTW.
What Other Benefits Can I Expect?
You will have an always on, secure, stable trading workstation that's free from accidents, children, prying eyes, and other human intervention. You can further access this workstation from any location in the world Internet access is available. Whether you travel between home and the office or across the globe, your MTW will always be ready and just as you left it. The convenience features alone are worth the price for many.